David Cameron’s senior adviser Steve Hilton suggests UK should abolish maternity leave

From the article at The Telegraph:

Mr Hilton, the Prime Minister’s strategy director, reportedly suggested the radical ideas during discussions on scrapping red tape and bureaucracy to boost economic growth.

Mr Hilton also suggested to Mr Cameron that he simply ignore European labour regulations on temporary workers, to the alarm of the most senior civil servant in Downing Street.

“Steve asked why the PM had to obey the law,” said one Whitehall insider. “Jeremy [Heywood, Mr Cameron’s permanent secretary] had to explain that if David Cameron breaks the law he could be put in prison”.[…]

According to a report in the Financial Times, Mr Hilton also recommended sacking hundreds of Government press offices and replacing them with a blog for each Whitehall department.

The newspaper quoted a source close to Mr Hilton suggesting that he thought that maternity leave rights were “the biggest obstacle to woman finding work”.

We already have retro fashion, retro design, retro music trends, etc. I don’t see why retro politics wouldn’t eventually make a come back. Next up: do women really need to vote? And other pressing matters.

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    “Steve asked why the PM had to obey the law,” said one Whitehall insider. “Jeremy [Heywood, Mr Cameron’s permanent...
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    Oh for crying out loud Every cunt who gets into power just has to do something completely backwards and stupid, it...
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    “Steve asked why the PM had to obey the law,” Oh Gods what This doesn’t come as any surprise, as much as I hate it. I...
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    I guess the important bit is: Does Cameron agree with him?
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    Goddamnit. And I thought the UK was a good escape plan for if the US goes to shit. What other Commonwealth countries...