I saw the new X-Men and I was the only person laughing and laughing and laughing

[Mild spoiler alert]

I nearly forgot to post about this. There is this part when young(er) Magneto goes after Shaw (the villain) and supposedly, Shaw is hiding in Villa Gesell, Argentina.

This is where Magneto lands:


[Image description: a mountain area with a wooden house, surronded by meadows covered in vegetation]

And this is what the real Villa Gesell (the beach side area, where the nearest mountain is perhaps 1,000 km away) looks like:


[Image Description: a seaside town, with tall buildings and a sandy shore with a crowded beach area]

Yep, suffice to say, the Villa Gesell of X-Men looks nothing like the beach town where I spent many a childhood vacations. But don’t let Hollywood get in the way of a visually stunning landscape (incidentally, the place they feature as Villa Gesell is actually Bariloche, a ski area around 1,500 km South, in the middle of Patagonia). I guess someone pointed at a map and said “Yeah, somewhere over there; they all look the same anyway”.

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    Yeah that was funny too, their spanish was nothing like the one in argentina but yeah all in all it was a good movie I...
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    (… let’s see if it looks right now)
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    not to mention they talked in spain’s spanish haha but above all the movie was pretty good
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  12. doc-sarge said: That’s not even that bad. Have you ever seen an American movie set in Washington DC? I mean, you’d think they’d get the NATION’S CAPITAL right, but NOPE! SKYSCRAPERS EVERYWHERE!
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    Hollywood producer 1: “I’m sure they have Germans down there” Hollywood producer 2: “Yeah, Nazis!” Hollywood producer 1:...
  14. lastbutnotleast said: I haven’t seen the movie, but isn’t it set between the ’40s and early ’60s? How old are you?
  15. thebadmonkey said: Hollywood doesn’t care. Watching “Rio”, I almost got ejected from the cinema while expressing my disgust at the blatant dismissal of the vast cultural differences between Mexicans and Brazilians. Blah.
  16. maguimpalor said: I can’t watch the beginning of When Harry Met Sally b/c they’re driving north on LSD to get to U of C, which is south on LSD.