Arnold Schwarzenegger Fathered A Son With Latina Maid?


I googled specifically because I had the intense conviction that the housemaid in question could be a Latina woman.

I cannot even begin to decode the many layers of fail in this. The eternal invisibility of Latin American women in the North. The eternal status of Latinas as “good enough to be housekeepers or nannies”, the demonization of immigrant women who work as domestic labor. And now this woman who is going to have to endure it all, every stereotype and stigma carried on her back.

And just think for a second how this is not the usual tale of infidelity involving the regular trope of powerful male politicians. Think of the power disparity and how little options a Mexican housekeeper might have. How consent becomes blurred and it involves not only consent during the act but also the woman’s employment, perhaps her immigration status, her future in the country (and the future of her child(ren)), etc…

Infidelity obviously wasn’t enough for the Governor. He had to exercise the worst kind of power a person in his position has access to and make sure it’s kept hidden and hushed.

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  3. paolaandfrancesca said: I suppose I should be glad that they’re still blurring the child’s face, but mostly I felt my heart sink that they’re already pulling out the expected language—“banging the help,” etc.
  4. wthellokitty said: I wonder why now, why now release the news. And it’s despicably common, the plot of many movies, an “affair” with the Latina servant. Affairs is in quotes because of the power imbalance. UGH.
  5. scarygodmother said: Your third paragraph = everything I was trying to explain to husband last night to get through why even if it was consensual there was still massive potential fuckery and abuse of power.
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