If you read Nathaniel Rich’s half-skeptical orbit around Y Combinator—one of tech’s trendier cash camps—there’s one important takeaway: the guy in charge really doesn’t like foreign accents.

Want VC Cash From This Guy? Don’t Talk Like a Foreigner

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been reading the newly resurrected Valleywag blog and today, while reading this awful article, I realized this is the culture in which Lean In was created. I mean, Lean In does not exist isolated from the Silicon Valley sociocultural phenomenon and reading this article that details the racist abuse a Chinese engineer had to endure to get funded made it click. I just wonder why most of the critiques of the book (the feminist ones, at least) are not taking into account this specific culture as well…

  1. melissa said: For more on this – Kate Losse, in her book on Facebook ‘Boy Kings,’ talks briefly re: how engineers were ranked by race. Even in the design of the office. I want to write more on this. Kate should, too.
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