European values

Cue in outrage from Europeans that simply “cannot believe this is happening!”, etc. (even though shit like this happens every day across all of the EU). Insert reference about Greece being “the cradle of civilization” and the “birthplace of philosophy”, etc… via Police silent in Greece on migrant’s jail ordeal - The Irish Times

As reported in the The Irish Times on Tuesday, earlier this month, Walid Taleb (29) was abducted and tortured by the baker, for whom he worked, in an 18-hour ordeal in a stable on the Greek island of Salamina. Mr Taleb, chained during the attack, said the baker, his son and two accomplices threatened to kill him and bury him in the outhouse.

Mr Taleb, who is an undocumented migrant from Egypt, managed to escape when his tormentors left to open the bakery the following morning.

He was then taken to hospital for treatment but medics said there was no need to keep him in. Police then subsequently kept him in a cell with criminal suspects at Salamina police station for three nights, before taking him to Athens central aliens bureau, where preparations were made to deport him to Egypt.

First tortured and beaten by racists, then jailed and now deported. This is the kind of “justice” undocumented persons can expect in the European Union.

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