I don’t know about other places but in The Netherlands so much racism is just willful cruelty. Even when People of Color insist that something is hurtful and demeaning, you will have these crowds devoted to perpetuating the hurt through denial and “disagreement”. This goes way beyond claims of ignorance because once someone was informed of the hurt and the hurt was carefully laid out, said ignorance can no longer be used as an excuse. Instead, it’s the persistence in causing harm and grief at the expense of someone else’s mental health and well being.

If we agree that cruelty is based on the callous indifference towards the pain of others or in deriving pleasure from causing pain and suffering, then what else but cruelty is the basis of this willful racism?

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    The article at the link is long, detailed and excellent.
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    Sadly, this is how racism is in general everywhere; willful ignorance, willful cruelty.
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    I’ve always detested the notion of racism=ignorance. Why not knowing about people means you need to hate and demean them...