European Union Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

EU Awarded 2012 Nobel Peace Prize, Norway’s NRK Reports 

If there is any grain of truth, I should remind everyone that this is the same governing body responsible for the deaths of more than 18,000 undocumented immigrants since the mid 90s. This is the same governing body supporting NATO interventions, supporting subsidies that effectively lead to starvation conditions in many countries in the Global South and imposing legislation on third party countries to make them corporate compliant for European interests.

The European Union has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for effectively being a perverse machinery of repression and economic misery for any country that does not comply with EU demands. 

Has the Empire has been awarded for their policies of exclusion and death? I have no words left.

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    didnt say they deserved it (they almost certenly dont)
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    remember when they gave it to obamo A Fine Jest Indeed, Norway
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    Great! 50 years of exporting war to Asia, Africa, and the Americas!
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  20. siberia said: Well, Barack Obama is a Nobel Peace laureate, Henry Kissinger (!!!) is a Nobel Peace laureate, I guess “Peace” has to be intended in a machiavellian sense.
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    The 2012 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the European Union “for over six decades contributed to the advancement of...
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