It’s Time We Talked About Chris Brown’s Crazy Mom

Tracie Egan Morrissey at Jezebel

Has this made the rounds yet? (I have deadlines so haven’t been able to check Tumblr much for the past few days). But in any case, have we forgotten Tracy Traceee Traicey Tracie “I will ban a WoC just for misspelling my name” Egan Morrisey’s hipster and not so casual racism? 

And now, of course, totally devoid of context, she takes it on Chris Brown’s mother. A woman who, by many accounts, was a victim of domestic violence herself. The irony of Jezebel running a very popular piece about hipster racism (which, unsurprisingly, had been appropriated from elsewhere) and now this piece about a WoC’s “mental health”.

ETA: And the comments are setting my head in flames: “She didn’t do her best to raise him, she failed as a mother” etc etc. Good grief, this is what passes for feminist discourse?!

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