If we’re watching ‘Flavor of Love,’ and we’re watching people of color being treated in a way where the men are alternately fools and buffoons or violent thugs, pimps and criminals, and the women are being treated as ignorant, hypersexual, crazy, illiterate bitches, whores and ghetto sluts — all terms used on those shows — and we think it’s funny, there are sociological and socio-political reasons why that comes off as funny to people and that does have to do with deep-seated social beliefs about race in America.

Author Jennifer L. Pozner on The Troubling Truth About Reality TV

Also, check Pozner’s YouTube Channel, “Reality Rehab”, described by Ms Magazine Blog as

[…]a media literacy project that borrows you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up dialogue and scenes from reality TV shows (“I would be a servant to you”). In each webisode, “Dr. Jenn” helps one of reality TV’s most persistent stock characters (“The Slutty Bitch,” “The Angry Black Woman,” “The Top Model,” “The Real Housewife”) break out of his or her stereotype. After completing a stint in Reality Rehab, which combines “media literacy therapy” with “confessional cam” monologues,the characters emerge fully-dimensional human beings once more.

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  8. randomberlinchick said: I hate everything about “reality” TV. Everything.
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    I’ve consumed a lot of reality TV shows and similar to eating McDonald’s I knew it was bad for me despite of or because...
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  11. wthellokitty said: That’s always been my problem with sur-reality TV. Yes I enjoyed it, consumed it, but like eating McDonald’s knew there was something very bad about it. MTV and VH-1 are particularly about about dealing with race.
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