Controversial ideas: Free Bleeding

I just finished reading a post at All About my Vagina about a topic I have rarely (if ever) seen mentioned, at least in mainstream media: free bleeding.

Now, I also know that most people will have a pretty visceral reaction to this idea muttering an “Eww” or two. But is it really? Or is it a byproduct of the centuries of indoctrination we have had about the impurity of menstruation and women’s bodies? I know it is not practical or doable for everyone. Nor desirable for others. Or suitable for a full time working or studying life. I am fully aware of how it is not something most women might want to practice themselves.

However, I also think that it is a nice and necessary departure from the usual discourse surrounding menstruation, blood and the female body. And I really welcome those exercises in challenging conventional beliefs.

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    This is going too far. I understand that it is your body, your choice, but what OP doesn’t understand, is that it puts...
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    I agree. Like, what the hell. Who would try to justify spraying their nasty-ass blood all over the place? Jeeze.
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    Oh my god this is digusting. Who ever thought of this idea needs to be shot.
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    Free bleed my sisters! Period blood is natural man-animal repellant!
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    I’m having trouble grasping this… So, are you ACTUALLY telling me that you expect me to be ok with you leaking your...
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    Newsflash: you and your body are not sparkling temples of cleanliness. Menstrual blood (which is not “just blood” so...
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    E. coli grows in period blood, which is why disgust is a healthy reaction to menses. It is bodily waste. It would be...
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    Yes! Someone posted about freebleeding this afternoon and I saw all these comments about how “disgusting” or “revolting”...
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    Excerpt from the article: “The new, non-lazy view morning after going to bed...
  19. politeyeti said: I do this accidentally sometimes—about half the time my period will stop for a day and then start again, and half the time when it stops it’s done. There’s no predictability to it. I’m lucky to have a super light period most of the time.
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  21. someauthorgirl said: I just finished reading this. There are women that don’t want to bleed in their own shower or bath?? I also didn’t know that my resistance to sleeping (other than when the bleed is intense) with a pad, and preferring a towel, had a name.
  22. fridaphile said: Wait…are there women who don’t “free bleed” when bathing?
  23. aka14kgold said: It’s really not that much different from using a pad. No, you can’t just ‘free-bleed’ unless you intend to sit on a bleeding cushion for a week, but what is a pad if not a bleeding cushion?