I’m too sexy for this village!

Hilarious moment of the day courtesy of no other than The Daily Mail, Samantha Brick on the downsides to looking pretty: ‘Why women hate me for being beautiful’. Since she is the one who opens up the discussion about her looks then I suppose it is fair to state the obvious: any day I walk downtown Amsterdam I come across women who look exponentially more beautiful than Ms. Brick. I mean, look at the profusion of photos in the article. Sure, she is a mildly attractive 40 something but not precisely the kind that would elicit the type of hatred she describes. Moreover, her attractiveness seems to be inextricably tied to her expensive clothes, well coiffed hair, etc. You know, the kind of “hotness” only money can buy. 

However, the article on its own is not as hilarious as when read vis a vis a previous one she wrote not long ago, I use my sex appeal to get ahead at work… and so does ANY woman with any sense. Here, she elaborates in great detail how she flirts and tries to seduce every guy that crosses her path to advance her career. Because obviously them bitches hate her for being beautiful, not because she acts like an entitled brat with no sense of boundaries or respect for others. No sir, it has to be that she is just too sexy for her own good.

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    Gosh, it must be just so HARD being a conventionally attractive (albeit slightly sociopathic) white lady. As a...
  4. womanenjoyingherself said: Aw man, the article doesn’t mention where she buys those magic mirrors of hers…
  5. jacquesofalltrades said: She reminds me of Michel Salahi, of White-House-crashing-too-crazy-for-Bravo short-lived fame. Overdeveloped sense of her own beauty, and a determination to use it.
  6. blueandbluer said: Umm… she looks kinda normal to me. My guess is people don’t like her because she’s a self-centered bitch.
  7. queenieinmanhattan said: Yeah, wow. She really isn’t remarkably pretty at all. Traditionally nice figure, nicely put together - but totally unremarkable. Except for her ego. That is remarkable.
  8. bakemorecake said: Wow. Those pictures are actually quite awful.
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    She works out EVEN WHEN SHE DOESN’T WANT TO!