do americans really put cream in their coffee?



is it like thickened cream? or is it special coffee cream?
should i try this? 

 The Cubans put condensed milk in their coffee, so that’s fabulous, but normally what we call ‘cream’ is a sort of milk and not actual cream. Although that would be fantastic.

Catalonians also put condensed milk in their coffee. It’s called “Cafe Bombon” and it is simultaneously the most delicious and most engrossing beverage you’ll try (the engrossing part comes from having Spanish friends who actually use it as an excuse to drink pure, unadulterated condensed milk with a few drops of coffee in it). Here’s how a regular “Cafe Bombon” looks like. The layer at the bottom is the condensed milk:


In Argentina and Uruguay, we have yet another concoction that is somewhat similar: Cafe con crema. This is not regular cream but the whipped, sugared kind. It is usually served in a small espresso cup and topped with a dollop of the whipped and sugared cream. It is also very delicious and best left to be prepared by professionals rather than by someone like me who will just sprinkle a few drops of coffee on top of a cup full of cream.

In The Netherlands, they are adept at filling warm chocolate with whipped cream, though, rather than using it on coffee. This is what our winters are made of:


  1. spinningpinwheels answered: Most people at starbucks use half and half as cream? Im not sure if that counts, but its good! Give it a try!
  2. suhsuhsavie answered: its like half and half
  3. imsobland answered: And Canadians… I personally find it gross. I drink my coffee black
  4. kaffeekarma answered: Most do, loaded with sugar too. I’m canadian and i take my coffee with just a splash of whole milk.
  5. songsoflongface answered: I’m a barista at a coffee shop in California, and yes, nearly everyone gets half & half in their coffee.
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    Half and half (half cream, half milk) is pretty typical, though I don’t care much for coffee so usually I just steal the...
  7. therabbitsburrow answered: Unfortunately yes, unless you’re drinking a third channel coffee (independent roasters) most likely you’ll find cream in the vicinity.
  8. weathervanism answered: Americans do whatever they want! (Except I just like my coffee black)
  9. plainwater answered: A lot of people put half&half, which is thicker than milk. I drink mine black, though.
  10. hannahssatisfaction answered: cream and sugar hun :)
  11. sydneyflapper answered: The Vietnamese make a wonderful strong coffee with condensed milk - very rich. I’m partial to a dash of Baileys!
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    Half and Half all the way. Do people NOT use dairy? How uncivilized. Excuse me while I clutch my pearls in horror.
  13. whatsupcoconut answered: special coffee cream such as hazelnut coffee cream
  14. valdovinos answered: Both.
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    I use whole milk or 2% in my coffee, or if I’m out of milk I use a powdered creamer. Does most of the rest of the world...
  17. tired-blonde answered: some put cream, i put non fat milk. i like cream if its w dessert. its delicious either way
  18. caroux answered: Special coffee cream. It sucks, don’t use it. Black all the way.
  19. illsayitdoesntmatter answered: Heck yes we put cream in out coffee. Like… coffee mate kind of cream, and half and half, and milk and all sorts of creas and sugars.
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    oh my goodness. I want to try this at home.
  21. thewhywhygirl answered: My German friends chug the coffee straight out of the coffee pot, no milk or sugar.
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    Condensed milk is the best thing ever! In Argentina, surprisingly, we also put dulce de leche in our coffee, this is...
  23. jesse-is-jesse answered: Thai iced coffee is super sweet with (I think) condensed milk poured into it.
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    When I was little we’d go to Czechoslovakia (as it was called then…so, yes, I actually use that on purpose) and that was...
  25. dynojunkie answered: heavy cream. a dollop in a shot or two of espresso. it’s called espresso con panna. try it!
  26. ivegotasoultosell answered: both! there are special coffee creams that are flavored too (caramel machiato, etc)
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    I am shamelessly reblogging for that hot chocolate also because I’d kinda like an answer to the OP’s question, too. I’ve...
  28. asexualslut answered: I’m brazilian and I like cream in my coffee, but I prefer without it :)
  29. fastcartohell answered: Both and yes you definitely should. Sweet cream or condensed milk is wonderful with coffee.
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    The Cubans put condensed milk in their coffee, so that’s fabulous, but normally what we call ‘cream’ is a sort of milk...
  32. jimmykudos answered: Half & half or milk, usually. Or sweetened milk stuff.
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  34. sailboatsandsunshine answered: It’s basically just milk. It’s used to cut the bitterness.
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