I am a writer, cultural critic, ideas instigator, content creator, media facilitator and political analyst living in Amsterdam, a city signified and represented by the Red Light District. To me, the Red Light District contains a pretty good cross section of the topics that interest me: sexuality, racial diversity, politics, gender, art and urban landscapes. I would even argue that this micro cosmos is representative of many aspects of Dutch society.

I am an editor at Tiger Beatdown and my writing has appeared in mainstream media like The Guardian and blogs like Racialicious, Gender Across Borders and Global Comment. My work has also been featured at places like Alternet, Slate, The Root and The Atlantic. I am also contributor to xoJane. 

Most of my writing focuses on issues of gender, immigration, race, politics and media analysis. Currently, I am working on a book about anger as a tool of political engagement in a European context of strong anti immigration policies and repression of “the Other”.

My long form blog can be found at Red Light Politics.

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